The Worker Maker Strategy ...

Imagine If 100% Of The People In Your Church, Ministry or Discipleship Group Change From Spectators to Do-ers of the Word 
Even In Countries Where It is Illegal and Dangerous To Do This...

What's In The Worker Maker Community?

Worker Maker Framework

What if you had a simple system, a framework, a process to help you find and multiply worker makers all over the world? The Worker Maker Workshops walk you step by step through the process.  

Purpose Discovery Process

A Simple Process To Discovery What God Wants You To Do With Your Life.

Be One Train One

10 Things Every Follower of Jesus Should Do & Train Others To Obey Right Away

What's The Next Step?

Jump Into The Worker Maker Community and I'll Also Give You My Heal The Sick Workshop, the Online Outreach Challenge, the 24/7 Mentoring Group & the Book Concepts.

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Bonus #1 - Heal The Sick Workshop

Jesus Heals

How Every Follower Of Jesus Can Heal The Sick Everyday

Workshop & Book Will Answer 3 Questions:
     Is It God's Will To Heal Everyone?
     How Do We Pray For The Sick?
     What Do We Do If It Seems Like They're Not Healed?

Bonus #2 - Online Outreach Challenge

Jesus Heals

Simple Step by Step Processes To Reach 100,000s Around The World Using The Power Of The Interwebs

100k Views in 2 Days: One Ad Campaign Received Nearly 100k Views In Just 2 Days Using Facebook.

 Lead People To Jesus: Another Ad Campaign answered a specific question and led people to Jesus for just $20

 Minister to Your Nation: One Ministry Wanted To Serve their Nation In a time of Crisis and reached 10,000 people for just $5

Bonus #3 - Private Facebook Group

Worker Maker Community

24/7 Mentorship Group

Get 24/7 access to the Worker Maker Facebook Group so you can get coaching and mentorship as you implement these different systems in your sphere of influence. 

Bonus #4 - Book Concepts

Book Concepts

Get The Nuggets

The best concepts from my favorite books and I reveal them to you in short videos so you don't have to go and read the whole book. You just get the best parts. 
What Others Say About RK's Training
 "I love this material. The first time I heard RK teach it I thought, everybody needs to listen to this.”
Bram - YWAM Asuncion
“When this man writes about evangelism read it because he has field tested it. R. K. has from his first steps in faith gone to the streets with God’s love and power. 
In addition he has searched the scripture and the halls of history to discover what God has done and will do. 
There is an unfinished mandate from our Lord. It will not be done by theories but by anointed wisdom and face to face compassion. Go with R. K. Castillo on a journey in this book and an adventure into the pages of life." 
Pastor Alan Hawkins - New Life CityBram - YWAM Asuncion
"What were you doing when you were 18 years old? I can tell you what I wasn't doing. I wasn't traveling the world as an evangelist preaching to thousands, praying for the sick or seeing God's miraculous hand at work on the planet. 
I wasn't living by faith on a missionary training base teaching youth and leading teams into other Countries. 
And yet that's exactly what RK Castillo was doing. 
RK is a gifted teacher. He brings his wealth of personal experiences, along with the many discoveries he's made over years of dedication to study on these subjects, to us in steps that are easy to follow with words and illustrations that are easy to understand. I've learned so much from him…” 
Kelike - YWAM Asuncion 
Worker Makers
Workshops & Book Concepts To Help You Find Your Place In God's Plan To Finish The Great Commission
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